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The Flacone Groupe is a wholesale distributor specialized in the supply and export of dairy products to the dairy industry.

The Flacone Groupe has been working for several years in the field of dry whole milk, nonfat dry milk, dry buttermilk and dry dairy blend products and specializes in the cooperation with major international factories for which the Flacone Groupe is the exclusive agent in the Middle East and Africa, with extensive experience in the daily supply of dairy factories in Africa and the Eastern Middle East.

For Your Convenience

The company is determined to help develop the food industry in Africa in general and in the Arab Republic of Egypt in particular, through cooperation with the largest dairy factories, and seeks to maintain the highest quality standards stipulated by the World Health Organisation, under the supervision of international experts specialized in this field, who have years of experience in international quality control standards.

A Recipe For Success

The Flacone Groupe is a company with several branches around the world, based in France, and follows the European Standards of Food set by the EU.

Compelling Results - From the Very Beginning!

Since the Arab Republic of Egypt is the gateway to the Middle East and Africa, the Flacone Groupe has been committed to extend its main hub in the Arab Republic of Egypt after the economic measures taken by the Egyptian government.

Welcoming Sustainable Development Goals

The company seeks to contribute to sustainable development goals, through standing up to the high demands of the food industry, contributing to supporting the Egyptian economy, and supporting policies of civil society and social investment programes.

Our customers can fully rely on receiving uniform Flacone Groupe quality at all times. See for yourself: we would be pleased to have you look over our shoulder during an individual customer audit!

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